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Genevieve Layman, and a four-year-old Staghorn Fern

Genevieve Layman, and a four-year-old Staghorn Fern

Genevieve Layman is the author, photographer, designer and publisher of Gather & Make. She is a registered horticultural therapist (HTR) with the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) and is the current horticultural therapy program director at Earthtones, a renowned horticultural and music therapy company in Portland Oregon.

Her passion for people/plant interactions focuses on creating therapeutic experiences for people diagnosed with a variety of conditions including: Alzheimer’s, dementia, and a full spectrum of physical and cognitive disabilities. Her clients also include children and adults in an array of wellness settings.

She has worked as a lead gardener for the nationally acclaimed gardens at Portland’s Legacy Health Hospital and is active in presenting workshops at national horticultural therapy conferences. She is active in soccer and loves spending time with her husband as well as her dog River, pictured on page eighty-one of Gather & Make.

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Gather & Make provides step-by-step instructions for activities that encourage engagement with plants. There are three easy-to-create and affordable activities featured for every month of the year. Each activity in Gather & Make was carefully selected to harmonize with the rhythm of the season and to cultivate a sense of connection to the plants and nature around us. Gather & Make includes tips for planting and maintaining all the plants featured in the book, plus general gardening guidelines and techniques. Learn about the plants around you and experience the benefits of interacting directly with them.

“5 stars. Gather & Make is one of the most interesting garden and nature books that I’ve ever read ... Old or young, there are plenty of things to do and learn in Gather & Make for all.” ­– Urban Book Reviews

“5 stars ... gorgeous art- and nature-fueled extravaganza ... an excellent reminder that sometimes it is the quietest and humblest moments that are the most rewarding. Regardless of one’s age, interest or artistic skill level ... there exists a craft or project that is suitable for each and every one of us.” – Red City Review

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